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Westfield Maid Cooperative
PO Box 219
Portland, NY 14769
(716) 672-9076

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Lake Erie Vineyard

Alan Rassie, President
(814) 725-2192

Kirk Hutchinson, Treasurer
(716) 673-1194

Robert Patterson, Secretary
(716) 672-9076

Robert Reslink
(814) 746-6028

Larry McGuinn
(716) 640-6095

Andy Putnam, Sales Contact
(412) 855-6291

Lake Erie Grapes, Concord Grape Juice & WNY Concord Grapes

Like many of our fellow farmers across the United States, our members are intently focused on the quality of our crop, the sustainability of our agricultural businesses, the long term viability of our environment, and the well-being of our communities. The continued success of our farms is critical to our local economy,
our employees, customers and  our families.

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