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New York Concord Grape Innovation Award!

Westfield Maid Cooperative won the top prize in the best new beverage category for its "Good n' Grapey" Concord grape juice pouches, aimed at supplying school cafeterias!

Read about the Innovation Award here.

Westfield Maid is looking to add additional long term acreage to the Co-op.
Please contact Dena DeJoe, our secretary, if you would like to receive a marketing agreement with us! Benefits include no tonnage restrictions, stock dividends and patronage refunds!

Welches CertificatesWestfield Maid Cooperative is one of the oldest Concord grape marketing cooperatives headquartered in the Lake Erie Grape Growing Region. We enjoy a rich heritage of hard work, persistence and great value.

Our farmer owned organization was founded in 1935. The continued success of our farms is critical to our local economy, to our employees, to our customers and to our families.
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Like many of our fellow farmers across the United States, our members are intently focused the quality of our crop, sustainability of our agricultural businesses, long term viability of our environment and well-being of our communities.

Today, our organization consists of over 70 family owned farms with a total average annual production of more than 10,000 tons of high quality Concord grapes.

Our fresh American grown grapes are exclusively raised on approximately 1,900 acres of well-maintained vineyards located near the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.


Why choose Westfield Maid Cooperative?

If you are seeking a fresh Concord grape or bulk Concord juice supply partner with an exceptional price-value ratio, we are the group you have been waiting for. We believe that our scale and unique capabilities will permit your team to easily and efficiently secure the right quantity of fresh, high quality grape product at the just the right time at a very attractive price. These capabilities include flexible scheduling, highly reliable delivery, courteous personnel, creative invoicing terms, and superior customer service. Read more...

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